Centro de eliminación de piojos y liendres en Pamplona

Eliminar Piojos Pamplona


Centro para Eliminar Piojos Pamplona.

Calle de la Rioja,2 (Parque Yamaguchi)

31008- Pamplona

Llámanos 623 23 74 20

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Que opinan nuestros clientes sobre nuestro Centro para Eliminar Piojos en Pamplona

  • It was a good idea to have gone to this center. In a single session, Carmen has eliminated my daughter's lice and nits, which we had been fighting for more than a month. I am clear that if the lice enter my house again, we will go to her. The price is more than reasonable and the revision is free.
  • Carmen was charming and really super professional. He explains perfectly what the treatment consists of and guides you so that the treatment is truly effective. A 10.
  • Carmen's attention is out of this world: affectionate, kind and always very attentive. No matter how restless the children may be, with her it is as if she gave them a balm and the work to be done is done quickly and effectively. The perfect solution to return home without those horrible bugs that d... Leear Más

Nuestro tratamiento exclusivo de eliminación de Piojos

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Ven a nuestro centro!!! para acabar con los piojos y liendres

Elimina los piojos en 60-90 minutos! Nuestros tratamientos 100% efectivos y naturales tienen garantía con una revisión pasada 1 semana.

Pon la cabecita de tu hij@ en manos de profesionales.

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